Overweight children taught value of healthy eating, exercise in fun boot camps

You are what you eat – that is the message being delivered to hundreds of overweight children sent on tough boot camps this summer. [...] 2015-07-28

Three new health centres for Fujairah set to open

The Al Khulaibia Health Centre will serve thousands of residents when it opens next month. [...] 2015-07-24

Fertility centre marks birthday of first test-tube baby

The 37th birthday of the world’s first test tube baby, Louise Brown, was celebrated with a month-long fertility festival at the Bourn Hall Clinic fertility centre in Dubai. [...] 2015-07-24

Diabetes is ‘national health emergency’, say UAE doctors

Type 2 diabetes, which is normally associated with obese adults, is being diagnosed in children as young as 6 in what doctors are calling a national health emergency. [...] 2014-11-12

Dubai's new medical discounts

Medical packages with discounts on medical services in Dubai are to be launched on October 22 and 23. The packages, which are dubbed as medical tourism packages, are available to residents as well as tourists with different benefits for both parties. [...] 2014-10-19

Dubai Medical Tourism

Dubai: The medical tourism policy of the Dubai Government will have a positive spillover effect on the private medical sector right across the seven emirates and the health-care industry is welcoming it with open arms, according to health-care industry experts. [...] 2014-10-18

Ebola chances minimal but hospitals in Dubai and UAE on alert

Medical personnel are on high alert and hospitals are prepared despite the minimal chance of Ebola entering the country. The chances of Ebola getting here is remote but as a medical person we are ready, said Dr. Subbian Krishnamurthy, a pathologist and chairman of infection control committee at LLH Hospital. [...] 2014-10-14


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